Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Vidimsko praskalo", Vidima village, Apriltsi


The "Vidimsko Praskalo" eco-trail is a tourist sightseeing and educational route, which introduces visitors to the National Park and one of its reserves - the "North Djendem".

The reserve is at the top of the park. It embraces the northern steep slopes of the mountain peak Botev and is famous for its inaccessible rock belts, short and steep watersheds, peaks with adverse grades, rock bridges, pinnacles, caves, waterfalls and numerous vast grassy plains of the two reserves "North Djendem" and "Djendema" merge in the south to form a vast Promised Land, a safe haven for wild goats, bears, wolves, red deer, roe deer, golden eagle.

The "Vidimsko Praskalo“ eco-taril walks along the Praskalska river, passes through centuries-old beech forests, leading to rock walls from which the 80 meters waterfall "Vidimsko" drops down. Route information signs are placed, presenting the park and its animals, plants, forests and pastures as well as the history of Apriltsi, the nearest village.

How to get there:
Along the Praskalska River `s valley ("Vidima"  hydroelectric power plant - VidimskoPraskalo )

HPP "Vidima" is immediately after the village of Vidima. It is built on the influx of the rivers "Lyava Vidima" and "Praskalska" . “Vidima” hut is also near-by. To reach the waterfall "Vidimsko Praskalo" cross the bridge near the hydroelectric power station and hit the road along the
"Praskalska" river. The slope is gentle, which eases the traffic and you can enjoy the beautiful sights along the river.

For centuries water has been carving its way into the rock bed and as s result such beautiful shapes have been created, that people can not resist to stop every ten minutes to admire the incredible views. It is about an hour to reach the meadow equipped with game- feeders. Continue along the road and soon you will reach the catchment basin. The trail continues along the left wall. A beech forest comes up soon after.

The trail crosses the river several times and continues to the left side (marked with stone pyramids). Soon you will go out at the end of the avalanche cone. This is the first place where a vista to the waterfall opens.  Admirable views to the valleys of the "Komarevska" river and the "Suhata Reka" (The Dry River) (on the left and right) are revealed. It takes no more than 40min. to get there from the meadow with the feeders. If you want to reach the foot of the waterfall you should go on a narrow path, winding along the ridge between two streams. The path is difficult to find at first, but soon it gets noticeable. 40min walking through bushes, trees that have fallen down after an avalanche and stone rivers and you will reach the foot of the waterfall.  

From HPP "Vidima" to the waterfall "Vidimsko praskalo" is about 2h. and 30min. by foot.

GPS:  lat=42.7364 / lon=24.9531

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