Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Tarnichensko praskalo", Tarnichane village


"Tarnichensko Praskalo" is a beautiful waterfall, high about 40m. It is located near the Central Balkan Mountain ( Central "Stara planina" mountain ) in the Pavel Banya municipality.

The waterfall can be reached starting from the rrailway station "Tarnicheni" (Located on the sub-Balkan road). From the station take the dirt road directly north of the mountain. After 1-2 km the road reaches to a low-rise building at the foot of the mountain.

From there the road continues to the waterfall along a small creek, up through a rough terrain. A well-defined path can be seen only in places. Follow the river. In the above areas and near the waterfall it will be necessary to wind round the steep cliffs.

The access to the waterfall is  very difficult, therefore you must be careful on the steep slopes. It takes about 30-40 minutes walk from the foot of the mountain to the waterfall.

The waterfall has plenty of water and is very beautiful in March, April and May.